Friday, November 13, 2015

Giving Thanks

We all know that Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November, but there are all sorts of other fun facts that don't always get talked about.

  •  The Pilgrims ate items like lobster, hickory nuts, cabbage, goat cheese and squash at the first Thanksgiving.
  • A writer named Sarah Josepha Hale is responsible for Thanksgiving's national holiday status. She asked President Abraham Lincoln to declare it an American holiday in October 1863.
  • Nearly 90 percent of Americans eat turkey every Thanksgiving.
  • Turkeys can't see well at night, and if they're raised commercially, they can't fly.
  • Most Thanksgiving turkeys weigh about 15 pounds. They're usually 70 percent-to-30 percent white meat-dark meat.
  • The oldest Thanksgiving day parade was organized by Gimbels department story in 1920. The Macy's parade didn't start until four years later.
  • The Wednesday before Thanksgiving has the most liquor sales of the whole year.